About the Project

Have you ever wondered about those curious animals and plants that grow off of docks, pylons, and other structures in the water? The BioDiscovery Project is an exciting new STEM (science-technology-engineering-math)-based citizen science education initiative designed to:
        • Provide hands-on exploration of biofouling communities that colonize
          Example of a biodisc.

          in fresh and saltwater environments.

        • Connect students and teachers along a watershed and/or across the state through the collection of biodiversity and water quality data.
This project is funded by the Bosch Community Fund and is coordinated by the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission in partnership with the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, College of Charleston’s Grice Marine Lab, and Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. At its foundation, the BioDiscovery Project is based on Maryland Sea Grant’s Biofilms and Biodiversity program that engages teachers and students in the exploration of biofouling communities in coastal Maryland.
From identifying skeleton shrimp and spaghetti worms to the collection of water quality data and creative design, the BioDiscovery Project promises an exciting learning experience for all ages and locations in South Carolina.

Let’s BioDiscover!